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Eric Bishard
November 4th, 2019 · 3 min read

I have had the most amazing two years as a developer advocate working for the KendoReact team at Progress Software and more recently the Software Engineering department at Couchbase! I focus on JavaScript and Node technologies for fullstack web developers who work anywhere between the front end and the backend API, Couchbase is an amazing NoSQL database and a lot of my current content features it in some way as just one part of a larger ecosystem and ideas around using the right tools, frameworks and libraries that you have at your disposal. My current team focuses on the JavaScript, Java, ASP.Net, Python and Go SDK’s and tries to reach the developers that use these tools and provide then with learning materials, tutorials and quickstarts, demo applications and we will speak anywhere our fans of Couchbase and these technologies will have us!

Below are all of my blog articles, conference talks, videos and workshops from 2018, 2019 and 2020 that I have produced on ,,, Tesla, and the Angular team blog.

Feel free to download my resume!

Streaming on Twitch

My Blog

Conference Talks

React Live in Amsterdam 2019

Conference Hosting


Here is a preview of the app we built in our workshop:

DevReach React Workshop

Couchbase Blog

I had written about React Hooks on the blog and once I had a gang of articles on the subject, I combined them all knowledge into a single resource with help from my amazing team on design, marketing, SEO and getting it deployed onto the website where it could better serve the React community and our customers who use React on a daily basis. It was an amazing idea and I owe that to my team for encouraging me and helping me to create this amazing resource on Hooks. It replaced the following articles:

  • How to Use Basic React Hooks for State and Effects
  • How to Use Basic React Hooks for Context
  • How to Use Basic React Hooks for Reducers
  • Everything You Need to Create a Custom React Hook
  • Discovering React Hooks with KendoReact

Again, We rolled them all into one article and redirected each similar topic blog post to the applicable section of the new guide:

React Hooks Guide by Eric Bishard

React Hooks

I just finished working on an article up with my @KendoReact team, we ask 25 React developers about their tips on being productive in React.

React Productivity

My favorite place to write, has a massive built-in developer community and instant engagement on your blog topic if you are lucky! I’m actually working on a feature in my blog to allow viewers on my site to jump to to leave their comments and engage. You know, lol a link! Articles

Angular Blog

KendoReact Webinars

More articles from Eric S Bishard

React Accessibility Resources

React does a lot out of the box when it comes to making our websites more accessible...

July 25th, 2019 · 5 min read

Redirect with React Router and Hooks

This guide provides background on React, state management, and serve as an exhaustive guide to the built in react hooks.

April 26th, 2019 · 2 min read
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